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About Us

The steam power for house and factory cleaning

STEAM ITALY srl finds its origins in Castelcovati, Brescia, Italy in 1994 (from SIEL and then KS Group).
It was one of the first companies that believed in the power of steam, realizing that something had to be changed in the cleaning concept.
Thanks to another company owned by the family Fornoni, producing molds, we have the great chance to design and produce every part of our steam cleaners (including all accessories), for sanitation and cleaning of all surfaces, both for domestic and semi-professional purposes. Furthermore, we offer our customers the possibility to customize the product being able to choose from variety of colors, labels, performance, packaging and dedicated accessories.

We also changed the old production cycle by adopting the Toyota system – Lean Manufacturing; this way, in addition to having a greater qualitative control of each piece, each operator completely produces a single machine, we are able to process very efficiently high amounts orders, as well as requests for even a single machine! This enables us to assist you from the beginning and help you growing more and more, depending on your initial capacity.
We are located in northern Italy, near the main business area of ​​the country, our suppliers are all on the territory (nothing imported from abroad – 100% Italian product certified).

The company philosophy is based on the enhancement of employees, actively involved in the business processes, in the work done, trying to facilitate any type of procedure.
Doing this we have created a truly motivated team and managers with a common goal:


Our young and competent staff had the great opportunity to acquire the old know-how and experience built up over time, using them to meet the challenges of the future with a fresh and new way of thinking, which will help us win the war against environmental pollution.
Our main aim, in fact, is to give our contribution in order to create a better and more livable place for future generations.

Our technology and quality have been recognized around the world, allowing our products to spread quickly and to keep a leading position in very competitive markets, such as Japan, North America and Germany.
Our products are designed and manufactured focusing on improving the steam technology, and in order to respect the environment and improve the quality of life, making all kinds of cleaning processes simpler, efficient, convenient and fast.

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