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Domestic sector

Considering that the steam is extremely effective for cleaning professional and industrial environments, it is the perfect choice for your home.

The home environment presents different types of surfaces that require a deep cleaning, which is necessary in order to live in a healthy and protected environment; what can be better than the steam, which avoids the use of chemical products that are dangerous for our body?

Every day we bring into our homes external agents and microorganisms that inevitably affect our health (just think about how many surfaces our shoes get in contact with).

The three different settings, on which you can select a wetter or drier steam, greatly expand the range of different dirt that can be treated (the oil of the kitchen, limestone in the bathrooms, the spaces between tiles, the window panes, etc.).
Ideal for the treatment of mattresses!

The high temperatures reached allow to eliminate mites, bed bugs and any other type of insect that normally nestles in your beds; in a few minutes every type of tissue is cleaned, sanitized and refreshed in its entirety.

Steam cleaning is also highly recommended for those who own animals: in a short time you can clean and sanitize floors, carpets and sofas, eliminating those odors caused by hair, saliva and other animal waste.

Why us

The machines of our domestic line, thank to their size and high performance, are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing your home.
The components, both internal and external, are the same used on professional machines (it is important for us to provide always a high quality); the optional trolley allows you to carry comfortably all the accessories you need in every corner of your home.

All devices of this line support our steam iron; this means that you will have the opportunity to use our professional iron with your clothes. Moreover, thanks to the high quality of our steam, you’ll reduce by half the time spent to this task.

Our dry and powerful steam is ideal for those who suffer from diseases affecting the respiratory system, as it removes dust, mites and residues of every kind that can be stored on mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains, etc. In addition, our system with water filter captures even the smallest dirt particles, allowing the machine to re-enter clean and healthy air into the room.

Domestic products

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