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Industrial sector

Even big business can take advantage of the great benefits of the steam generators.

In fact, it is perfectly adaptable to the cleaning of large machines used in any type of industry (where chemical agents are used, food industry, wine industry, where are used oily or greasy substances, etc.).

Every year it is increasingly felt the need to limit the use of chemical agents for cleaning industries, which inevitably end up in our water, air and soil. Precisely for this reason the demand for products like ours is constantly growing in the industrial sector; no matter the size of the surface to be treated, because the steam efficiency is incomparable.

Why us

During the last years we started developing the production of machines for the industrial cleaning; our model created for this purpose is: Inox 9000.
This is a three-phase steam cleaner with 380V with an external suction bin; it offers several functions: steam, vacuum, detergent and hot water injection (with digital display).

Using the Inox 9000 will be possible to work with two operators simultaneously:
1 socket, steam and vacuum
2 socket, steam only

With the direct connection to the water supply you can work continuously for an unlimited time, without interrupting the cleaning to fill the water tank

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