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we offer the possibility to customize the product from different points of view, starting from aesthetics: with different colors, labels to be applied, screen prints, etc. ; at the functional level: so you can decide the machine pressure, the rated voltage, cable type, amount of detergent supplied in case of machines with this function, etc. ; also the packaging, on which we can apply images, logos, change color etc.

Technical assistance

Our technical department is available at the beginning of the collaboration by offering a day of free technical training! This will help you in the sale of our products and to provide the best assistance to your customers.

Direct assistance to our distributors

in case of major events, exhibitions, demonstrations, etc. we are at your disposal to deal with the market, being really on your side and help you finding the best way to advertise our products in your area.

Immediate response

our sales department at your disposal, both by phone and by email, will respond within the day at any request.

No minimum order quantity

our production system allows us to process efficiently major orders, as well as requests for one machine; this way you are not obliged to comply with minimum order quantities.
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