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Professional Sector

Hotels, residences and any type of tourism enterprise, big or small, have very specific hygienical-sanitary requirements, determined by the high turnover of guests. Rapidity, the reduced use of invasive chemical detergents and freshness, are peculiarities demanded by this businesses, typical characteristics of the environments treated with dry steam.

Steam cleaners respond to the new health plan that protects community and environment health, ideal for the prophylaxis of infectious diseases, as well as for veterinary care.

No bacteria or pathogen survives in dry steam.

Healthcare environments are the most exposed to the risk of infections, due to the presence of conditions that facilitate the proliferation and diffusion of pathogenic microorganisms. The occurrence of these pathogen events is due to several factors, such as the presence in the same room of sick people, the influx of visitors, the practice of maneuvers and interventions that promote the propagation of infectious agents, the selection of resistant and particularly virulent microorganisms.

In public environments, in which there is typically a high promiscuity of people who can stay or just temporarily pass through, there are countless sources of biological contamination, which may lead to an increased risk of contracting infections. In fact, infectious diseases are transmitted more easily in close environments, especially where many people live together in close contact.
The high temperature reached by the use of steam is ideal for cleaning your car.

Why us

Our steam cleaners are ideal for carpets, textiles, armchairs and the cleaning of ventilation systems.

The dry steam is perfect in the sanification of rooms and different equipments: recommended for cleaning counter tops, ovens, burners, steel and chrome surfaces in general, any type of surface will be perfectly clean and sterilized, with a considerable saving of time, detergents and water.

Our steam cleaners are used in all public places, in order to protect human health, it is an excellent strategy to prevent the rise of infection, as they ensure an high level of sanitization very quickly.

The steam disinfects and sanitizes, eliminating smells, fungus and bacteria.

Our system also eliminates dust mites and allergens, thanks to the combination of steam, that attacks them, and vacuum, which removes the residues, equally dangerous for our health.

Professional products

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