For a healty cleaning and sterilising unmatched.

    The steam machines are made in order to satisfy the new medical programme, to safeguard people and environment health, to prevent any kind of harmful diseases, and are helpful also in veterinaries offices.. No kind of bacteria or virus in general survive by a high temperature dry steam.
    Healthcare facilities are the most exposed to the risk of infections due to the presence of conditions facilitating the proliferation and spreading of pathogenic micro-organisms. These occurrences of a pathogenic nature are due to various factors such as being in the same room as diseased persons, flows of visitors, activities that facilitate the propagation of infectious agents, the selection of resistant and particularly virulent micro-organisms.

    Appliance examples:

    • ambulatories
    • operating tables
    • medical, orthopaedic equipments sterilising
    • mattresses and pillows
    • litters and rolling chairs sanitizing
    • floors and waiting rooms
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