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    PC ID

    PC ID

    Professional steam cleaner with continuous flow and hot water injection function.
    For small businesses or huge facilities, this dry steam vapour system cleans, sanitizes, disinfects with 100% environmentally safe results.
    The applications for this machine are many and it is ideal for hotels, guest houses, commercial kitchens, bathrooms.
    The optional trolley (optional) and is light and versatile.

    Technical details

    Steam production:
    continuous flow
    Boiler Steam temperature:
    176 °C
    Heating time:
    4 minuti
    Pressure (bar):
    Boiler Power Consumption (W):
    Boiler volume (l):
    Steam EV1 (gr/min):
    64 gr/min
    Steam EV2 (gr/min):
    84 gr/min
    Steam EV1+EV2 (gr/min):
    90 gr/min
    Boiler material:
    Stainless Steel AISI 304
    Steam regulation on steam hose:
    Total Power Consumption (W):
    230 V 50 Hz
    Tank capacity (l):
    Water level alarm:
    visual and acoustic 
    Pressure indicator:
    Hot Water Injection + Steam (gr/min):
    300 gr/min
    Water pump power:
    48 W
    Low tension voltage on handgrip:
    9 V
    Power cable:
    7 m
    Net weight (only machine) (kg):
    Dimensions (LxWXH):
    480mm X 310mm X H.280mm
    Certification Reached:

    Depending on the voltage and the tension (power) of the destination country it's possible to customize the features of the machines.

    Steam accessories
    • Anti-limestone
    • Iron-rest
    • Bottle
    • Weed killer
    • Trolley
    • Trolley with 5l extra tank
    • Trolley with or without tank system (new design)
    • Drain opener
    • Pad for rectangular brush
    • Pad for triangular brush
    • Steam iron
    • 39 cm floor steam mop
    • Funnel
    • Grey nozzle
    • Aluminium nozzle
    • Black nozzle
    • Nozzle with brass tip
    • Towel
    • Microfiber cloth for floor mop
    • Microfiber cloth for wall mop
    • Extension
    • Teflon iron shoes
    • 35 cm Spatula for windows
    • Grey spatula for upholstery
    • Black upholstery spatula
    • Rectangular brush
    • 40 cm rectangular brush
    • Rectangular brush with steel bristles
    • Rectangular brush with brass bristles
    • Rectangular brush with polyester bristles
    • Rectangular brush with soft bristles
    • Triangular brush
    • Triangular brush with red polyester bristles
    • 30 mm small brush with steel bristles
    • 30 mm small brush with polyester bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with polyester bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with steel bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with brass bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with steel bristles
    • Small brush with brass bristles (various sizes)
    • 60 mm brush with black polyester bristles
    • 60 mm brush with red polyester bristles
    • Plunger
    • 25 cm window cleaner with spatula
    • Extension pipes
    • 2,45 m Steam hose
    • 5 m steam hose
    • 25 cm extention pipe
    • 25 cm Wall steam mop
    Steam Italy s.r.l.2016-10-24
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