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In a few pages you’ll find all the essential information about our solutions.

Our Three Lines

Discover the three lines of steam cleaners: domestic, professional and industrial.

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Discover the whole range of Steam Italy products.

Steam cleaning respects surfaces and sanitises them thoroughly. Our steam cleaners are ideal for home use as well as for your business or company.
The effectiveness of steam is unmatched.

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Always at your side, from pre to post sales. Our customer service supports you from the choice of the best product for your needs and offers constant technical support.



All our cleaners are customisable in every aspect, from aesthetics to functionality. You can choose both colours, labels and serigraphy, or, on a more technical level, decide the pressure, voltage or cable type.
For those cleaners that allow it, you can also choose the amount of detergent that can be dispensed.
In addition to all these features, there is also the external packaging, on which we can apply your logo and brand colours.


Free technical training

Our technical team is at your disposal. At the start of a new partnership, we offer you one day of technical training completely free of charge, so that you are fully familiar with the product. By getting to know the product in every aspect, you can offer the best service to your customers.


No minimum order quantity

We have introduced the Lean philosophy into our production system. Thanks to this new organisation, we are able to produce and process orders of any type and quantity, even the smallest. You are therefore not obliged to comply with a minimum order quantity.


Immediate reply

We want to guarantee you full attention and full cooperation.
For this reason, our sales department is available and ready to reply within the day to all your requests, either by phone or email.


Direct assistance to our distributors

We offer you our support in advertising our products in your territory. Steam Italy is ready to be at your side at major events, trade fairs and demonstrations in companies or professional activities.

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