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Basic accessories

Part of basic accessories are already included in the purchase kits of our machines. Howover, you can also purchase them separately.

Transparent nozzle 12cm

Transparent nozzle 24cm

Water Refilling Bottle

Detergents and antilimestone

Detergents help to deep clean incrustations and dirt that are difficult to treat with steam power alone; limescale removers prevent the formation of limescale and help maintain the high performance and quality of steam machines over time.


500ml cleaner bottle

Antilimescale in 50ml


The hoses, with double switch or rotative commutator, are available in the following lenghts: 2,5m - 5m - 10m.

10mt Industrial Steam only hose

5mt Steam-Vac hose

XSTEAM complete steam/vacum hose


Use our specially designed clothes to take advantage of the cleanliness of our machines on all types of surfaces.

Grey and white cloth

Light blue and white cloth

Cotton cloth


To be attached to the ends of the nozzles, the brushes are ideal for thorough cleaning of stubborn dirt.

30mm straight brush steel bristles

30mm straight brush polyester bristles

30mm straight brush brass bristles

Industrial Accessories

Industrial accessories are designed to enhance the functionality of the industrial steam cleaner and guarantee maximum performance.

Industrial lance 90cm

10mt Industrial Steam only hose


This category includes all nozzles, both sector-specific and generic.

Steam and vacuum nozzle

Transparent nozzle

Long nozzle alluminium

Complementary accessories

This category contains all the accessories that are compatible with our steam and steam/vacuum machines. They are created to extend the potential of our steam cleaners and add value to the product itself.

Complete filters 3500

White 3000 model Falpi trolley

White PC model Falpi trolley


Universal closed mouth car-wash

45cm curved nozzle

Industrial Sector Accessories

Industrial lance 90cm

10mt Industrial Steam only hose

5mt Steam-Vac hose

Particular Applications

Small armchair beater

Weed killer

Steam&Vac short extension hose