Domestic line

Deep cleaning throughout your home thanks to the sanitising power of steam.

Steam Italy steam cleaners for the domestic sector

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Domestic sector

The power of steam for cleaning for your home and business.

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Domestic steam cleaner

Domestic line

Use the power of dry steam to clean your home in all its corners.

Pulitori a vapore per la casa

Industrial quality and efficiency in cleaning your home

Fight mites, dust and dirt with our domestic steam cleaners

Dust, dirt, mites and bacteria collect on surfaces in the home, especially in hard-to-reach corners, and cannot be eliminated with normal cleaning agents.
If you have pets, it is also necessary to sanitise constantly floors, carpets and sofas to eliminate unpleasant odours caused by pet hair, saliva and other residues.

pulitori a vapore per casa per cattivi odori e peli animail

Steam is the perfect choice

For every kind of dirt

Thanks to the three different settings of our steam machines, you can select a wetter or drier steam depending on the type of dirt and material you want to treat (from kitchen grease to bathroom limescale, grout joints, window glass).

Pulitori a vapore per la casa

Cleaning and sanitising

All types of surfaces are sanitised and refreshed

Our steam cleaners can be used for the cleaning and sanitising of:

  • floorings
  • pillows and matresses
  • windows and glass walls
  • taps and fittings
  • children’s play area
Pulitori a vapore per la casa
Pulitori a vapore per la casa
Pulitori a vapore per la casa

What are the advantages of domestic steam cleaners?

Our cleaners use the dry steam technique, which is ideal for sanitising rooms and equipment, worktops and steel and chrome surfaces.
Any material and any type of surface can be easily sterilised, cleaned and sanitised with a high temperature steam jet.
Thanks to our cleaners, you save time, water and detergents, avoiding the use of chemical agents, guaranteeing you and your employees and visitors a healthy and perfectly clean environment.

In addition, our professional steam cleaning machines guarantee:

  • High level of sanitisation
  • Elimination of odours, fungi and bacteria
  • Elimination of dust mites and allergens through suction

Essential accessories for this sector domestic

Steam Iron with iron shoe

Aromatherapy tool for essential oil and fragrances


Steam only hose with knob

30cm rectangular brush

Triangular brush with black bristles

Reinforced Microfiber cloth floor mop

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Steam Italy produces steam cleaners for the domestic, industrial and professional sectors.
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