Industrial Line

The steam is effective on any surface and ideal for cleaning large industrial machinery.

Steam Italy steam cleaners for the industrial sector

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Industrial sector

The power of steam for cleaning for your home and business.

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Industrial steam cleaners

Industrial line

Use the power of dry steam to clean your business and industrial machinery.

Pulitori a vapore industriali
Pulitori a vapore industriali
Pulitori a vapore industriali

Big industry can also benefit from the advantages of steam generators

Avoid using chemicals to clean your industrial machinery

Respect for both the environment and people comes first. This is why limiting the use of chemical agents in the cleaning of machinery and industrial environments is highly recommended to maintain the quality standards of sanitation and hygiene required in a working environment.

Pulitori a vapore industriali
Pulitori a vapore industriali
Pulitori a vapore industriali

Cleanliness and hygiene

Treats huge areas without the use of chemicals

Our steam cleaning machines can be used for:

  • working surfaces.
  • machinery
  • windows and glass walls
  • company canteens and kitchens
Pulitore vapore industriale SI48
Pulitore vapore industriale SI27

What are the advantages of industrial steam cleaners?

The XSTEAM is our machine specially designed for industrial steam cleaning.
Thanks to this machine, time and resource savings are guaranteed.
Washing and degreasing your industrial machinery and tools using dry steam offers several advantages and guarantees results that are difficult to achieve with classic chemical detergents:

  • Safety and gentleness on surfaces
  • Guaranteed treatment of electrical and sensitive parts
  • Cleaning speed
  • Economy, as there is no waste water to dispose of
  • Direct connection to the water mains without the need to continuously refill the tank
  • Degreasing and thorough cleaning also in joints and cavities
  • Prevention of rust due to fast drying of heated surfaces.

Essential accessories for this sector industrial

Industrial lance 90cm

10mt Industrial Steam only hose

Steam and vacuum nozzle

Transparent nozzle

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Steam Italy produces steam cleaners for the domestic, industrial and professional sectors.
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