Steam Italy product range

Steam Italy produces appliances for any requirement, both functional and aesthetic. Discover all our steam cleaners.

The effectiveness of the steam is unmatched

Proper cleaning is necessary for a healthy environment and to ensure the safety of people, both workers and customers.
Steam cleaners are the only ones that can guarantee that the quality standards of sanitation and hygiene required in any working environment are maintained.
For the professional sector, our machines are designed for cleaning and sanitising hotels, restaurants, clinics and dental surgeries.
The XSTEAM is suitable for cleaning industrial machinery.

Why choose our steam cleaners?

  • Maximum efficiency: Our machines are subject to strict quality control and testing;
  • Customer service: Our team is available to respond to your needs, both before and after sales;
  • No minimum order quantity: You can choose the quantity of products you want.
  • Customisation: Each of our products is fully customisable, from colours to features such as pressure, power and accessories.