Technical details

Colour Steel - Green - Blue
Boiler steam temperature 165 °C
Heating time 5 min
Pressure 6,5 bar
Boiler volume 2 L
Steam EV1 74 Gr/min
Steam EV2 84 Gr/min
Steam EV1 + EV2 92 Gr/min
Detergent quantity 10 cc/min
Det. level alarm 1 L
Detergent tank capacity Visual and acoustic
Boiler material Stainless steel AISI 304
Steam production Continuous flow with automatic filling system
Total power comsumption 2200 W
Boiler power comsumption 2200 W
Vac motor power consumption 1000 W
Voltage 230 V AC / 50 HZ
Min.waste tank level 0,3 L
Waste tank level capacity used with dirt 1,1 L
Waste tank level capacity used with liquid 1,8 L
Water limit alarm Visivo e acustico
Pressure indicator Visivo
Vac motor power 19 Kpa
Water pump power 48 W
Low tension voltage on handgrip 9 V
Power cable 7 M
Net weight 14 Kg
Dimensions 530x400x400
Certifications CE

Features of model 3000

  • Easy transport thanks to back wheels
  • Vacuum with water filter
  • Available in different colours
  • Hygienisation in a short time
  • High level of sanitation thanks to vacuum and water jet function
Pulitori a vapore professionali

Kit Steam cleaner 3000

Steam cleaner 3000 is sold with a series of accessories included.

All these accessories have been designed to make the most out of the characteristics of the product and guarantee maximum efficiency, for perfect cleaning.

25cm Grey squeegee

Black spatula

Long nozzle alluminium

Top Selling Accessories

5mt Steam-Vac hose

Fogger for sanitizing product

Steam only hose with knob

40cm only steam Mop