Technical details

Colour Green - Red - Black - Yellow - Blue - White - Light Blue
Steam production Ricarica automatica
Boiler steam temperature 165 °C
Heating time 5 min
Pressure 6,5 bar
Boiler 2200 W
Boiler volume 50 Gr/min
Steam EV1 57 Gr/min
Steam EV2 66 Gr/min
Steam EV3 Acciaio inossidabile AISI304
Boiler material Stainless steel AISI 304
Steam regulation Activation on the pistol gripwith indication on Led frontal panne
Total power consumption 2200 W
Boiler power consumption 800 W
Iron power consumption 230 V 50 Hz
Voltage 1,3 L
Tank capacity Visivo e acustico
Water level alarm Visivo
Pressure indicator 48 W 220-240V AC/50Hz
Water pump power 9 V
Low tension voltage on handgrip 7 M
Power cable 6,5 Kg
Net weight 450x370mm
Dimens 320×330

Features of model Sfera

  • Easy transport
  • Perfect for ironing your clothes
  • Dry steam and automatic refill
  • High level of cleanliness
  • Perfect for all types of surfaces
Pulitori a vapore per la casa

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Kit Steam cleaner Sfera

Steam cleaner Sfera is sold with a series of accessories included.

All these accessories have been designed to make the most out of the characteristics of the product and guarantee maximum efficiency, for perfect cleaning.


Steam only hose with knob

30cm rectangular brush

Triangular brush with black bristles

Top Selling Accessories

Aromatherapy tool for essential oil and fragrances

Reinforced Microfiber cloth floor mop