Technical details

Colour Stainless steel
Steam production continuous flow with automatic refilling system
Boiler Steam temperature 180 °C
Heating time 4 min
Pressure 10 bar
Boiler Power Consumption 9000 W
Boiler volume 5 L
Steam Socket 1 324 Gir/min
Steam Socket 2 220 Gir/min
Boiler material Stainless Steel AISI 304
Vacuum Motor suction power 32 KPA
Total Power Consumption 10800 W
Voltage 380 V AC / 50 Hz
Antilimestone tank capacity 1 L
Waste tank capacity 21 L
Water level alarm visual and acoustic
Pressure indicator visual
Detergent tank capacity 5 L
Detergent / Hydro-jet / Antilimestone tank - level alarm visual and acoustic
Detergent / Hydro-jet / Steam pump power 48 W 220-240 V AC / 50HZ
Hydro-jet + Steam 556 Gr/min
Detergent + Steam 338 Gr/min
Socket for External Vaacum Cleaner Schuko 203 V 16 A
Steam activation on the front panel with indication in digital display
Vaacum activation on the front panel with indication in digital display
Detergent / Hydro-jet activation on the front panel with indication in digital display
Water pump power 110 W 220-240 V AC / 50 HZ
Low tension voltage on handgrip 9 V
Power cable 7 M with socket 380 V 32 A
Vaacum Cleaner weight 7,5 kg
Net weight (only machine) 60 kg
Dimensions 760 x 623 x 650 mm (without basket and handle)
Vaacum Cleaner Dimensions 320 x 450 x 630 mm
Certification Reached CE

Features of model XSTEAM

  • Digital display
  • Available with 4-pole socket and usable on 5-pole systems via adapter
  • Simultaneous dual use
  • Vacuum with external bin
  • Automatic refill
  • Fast hygienisation
  • High level of sanitisation
Pulitori a vapore industriali

Esplora i vari campi di applicazione del prodotto, dalla pulizia degli alberghi e B&B alla manutenzione dei saloni per parrucchieri, dalla cura dei ristoranti all’utilizzo nei lavaggi auto e nelle grandi aziende. Scopri come il pulitore a vapore può semplificare la tua pulizia e garantire un ambiente pulito e sanificato.

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Kit Steam cleaner XSTEAM

Steam cleaner XSTEAM is sold with a series of accessories included.

All these accessories have been designed to make the most out of the characteristics of the product and guarantee maximum efficiency, for perfect cleaning.

Steam and vacuum nozzle

Transparent nozzle

9000 steam hose

Top Selling Accessories

38mm brush with steel bristles

Industrial lance 90cm

10mt Industrial Steam only hose